10 Steps To Wholesaling Your First House | The Beginner’s Guide

‼️ Please click the link below if you found this video helpful and would be interested in me personally mentoring you! https://freewholesaletraining.com 👈 ➡️ If you’d like more free info like this & have the ability to ask me questions, please join my free Facebook group: http://bit.ly/MasteringRealEstate Today’s video is all about wholesaling houses. This is my simple ten-step guide to wholesaling your first home. I put together this video because so many people ask me how to get started! I have put together 10 simple steps you can follow, that will lead you to your first wholesale deal. Here is a quick outline of what I will cover in the video. First, I will review what wholesaling is and why I recommend you start here! Next, I will go right into ten simple steps that you can follow and implement to find your first wholesaling deal. This is a great real estate investing 101 video focused on wholesaling homes in 2018. This is a great guide for anyone who is just getting started. 1) Set up your business 2) Begin your market research 3) The marketing methods you should be using to find your first deal 4) How to qualify your leads 5) How to determine home values and why this is so important 6) Conducting your first property visit 7) What’s a purchase and sale agreement? 8) Creating a cash buyers list 9) How to create a bidding war amongst your cash buyers 10) What to expect at closing | Getting paid The goal of this video is to get you more familiar with what wholesaling is and a tried and true process that you can follow to complete your first deal. My hope is that you learn and implement these steps into your real estate investing business. Get out there and start researching. Please let me know if you any questions. I have provided a few links where you can find additional resources. ➡️Interested in me personally mentoring you helping you get your first deal? https://freewholesaletraining.com

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